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Read Alice Walker's very first book of poetry! These poems are a chronical of some of the most difficult periods of Alice Walker's life.

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Third Life of Grange Copeland
Alice Walker's first novel! Alice delves into issues of poverty and racism and how they damage the lives of characters, Grange Copeland and his son, and their loving relationships. Set in the Deep South.

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Revolutionary Petunias and OtherPoems
Read Alice Walker's second volume of poetry! Winner of the Lillian Smith Award by the Southern Regional Council!


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In Love and In Trouble: Stories about Black Women
Alice Walker's first collection of stories, including "Everyday Use." Rosenthal Award Winning book!

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Alice Walker's second book was one of the first books to chronical the lives of women in the Civil Rights movement. Critics hailed it as one of the best books about women to come out of the movement.

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The Color Purple
Read about Alice Walker's most celebrated book! The Pulitzer-Prize winning novel documents the life of Celie, a young girl who has been abused most of her life first by her stepfather and then again by her husband. The novel is written in an epositalory form (letter form)

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Horses Make a Landscape More Beautiful
Alice Walker's fourth book of poetry after The Color Purple

Paperback/ Published in 1986
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In Search of Our Mother's Gardens
This group of essays includes some of Alice Walker's favorite early convocations, lectures and journal entries.

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Goodnight Willie Lee I'll See You in the Morning
Alice Walker's third volume of poetry
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