Welcome to my site! :D Thanks for making this site a HUGE success. I apologize, for in the coming weeks, I WILL NOT be able to answer any e-mails due to personal commitments and the anticipated overhaul of "Living By Grace" website! (I'm currently in the middle of the redesign as we speak.) The site, as I promised before, will be much fresher and cleanly designed.(And hopefully easier on the eyes):X.

During this short respite I'm taking, students DO HAVE permission to cite this site as a reference AS LONG as they make the proper documentation within their bibliography, end notes, or footnotes following APA, MLA or Chicago Style Guidelines.

Again, any other questions, I will have to deter at this time, as I prepare the redesign for this site. I apologize for the recent outtages due to excessive bandwidth consumption. (Who knew that this site was so popular!) While this site is being redesigned, you may take a look at the old site here. Or you may take a peek at the preview version of my site before it moves to its new AD-FREE server :D. Yippee!!! The version of this site is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION and not all of the links work. Some even go nowhere, and thanks to Tripod's addition of code, the XHTML no longer validates:D. Remember you've been forewarned. Tell me what you think of the Preview Version of Living By Grace by droping me a line here.

Once again, thanks for making this site an enormous success.

- Chrisdanielle