Target Second Window

In his third bid for the Second Congressional District Seat 526, State Senator Janik Bowman defended his voting record for the second time this week against Republican candidate Derrick Yarborough. Admist the jeers of hecklers in a packed Wycliff auditorium,Bowman tried to get the crowd to focus on his congressional successes.

Recently, Bowman has been trailing his Republican candidate in most public opinion and electorial polls. In the Byar's Out Take Survey which studies public opinion according to demographics, Bowman was behind by more than 14 points. Most analysts agree that it his decline in popularity has to do with his contraversial voting record for third term abortion, which has made him a popular target against far-right special interests in the Republican party.

Yarbourough detailed his plans for a tax cut for middle class families and a tax write off on state income tax for working mothers. Bowman outilined his plans for obliterating the tag and license tax. He also wants to sponsor a five cent tax on cigarette smokers, which he has nicknamed the "Smoke Tax."

The debate was sponsored by the Wycliff Charter Council. Three more debates between the candidates are scheduled between now and Election Day on next Tuesday.